2006 Richard III Lord Richard
2005 Edison Alex Reyes
04/02 The Rookie Joe Sanchez
2001 The Illusion Sanchez
8/01 American Pie II Marco
[main scene cut from film]
5/10 NCIS
4 episodes TBA
Alejandro Rivera
5/8/09 Dollhouse
02/05/09 Bones
"The Hero in the Hold"
Thomas Vega
01/16/09 The Mentalist
"Paint it Red"
Frank Schiappa
02/19/07 CSI: Miami
"Broken Home"
Dave Montavo
01/08/07 Two and a Half Men
"Castrating Sheep in Montana"
November 2006 In Case of Emergency
10/22/06 Desperate Housewives
"Nice She Ain't"
Phil Lopez
Fall 2006 Ghost Whisperer
"The Woman of His Dreams" (11/10/06)
"The Night We Met" (10/27/06)
Freddy Diaz
10/1106 Criminal Minds
Detective Murad
Fall 2006 Flirt Simon
Note: This was a pilot that wasn't picked up
2005 Hot Properties
"Dating Up, Dating Down"
01/26/05 CSI: NY
Ramir Santos
12/16/03 24
"Day 3: 8:00PM - 9:00PM"
Rafeal Gutierez
09/24/03 Enterprise
"The Xindi"
Corporal Romero
2003 Follow the Leeds
05/08/03 er
"When Night Becomes Day"
10/18/02 Providence
"Cloak & Dagger"
ambulence driver
4/29/01 Division
Inspector Frank Perez
4/22/01 Division
"Deal with the Devil"
Inspector Frank Perez
2/11/01 Division
"Secrets and Lies"
Inspector Frank Perez
02/01/01 Charmed
"Wrestling with Demons"
Tom Peters
11/7/00 The Last Debate Henry Ramirez
5/13/00 V.I.P.
"Lights, Camera, Val"
2/19/00 The Pretender
Agent Dennis Alonzon
02/01/00 JAG
"Cabin Pressure"
Petty Officer Mark DeMara
3/6 - 4/17/99 Sons Of Thunder Carlos Sandoval
9/98 - 5/99 Walker Texas Ranger
season Seven
Detective Carlos Sandoval
4/25/98 Walker Texas Ranger Detective Carlos Sandoval
4/18/98 Walker Texas Ranger
Detective Carlos Sandoval
3/21/98 Walker Texas Ranger
"Test of Faith"
Detective Carlos Sandoval
03/07/98 Walker Texas Ranger
"Soul of Winter"
Detective Carlos Sandoval
11/31/97 Pacific Blue
"Soul Mates"
Oscar Velasquez
1995 First Time Out "cigar boy"
09/21/97 Nick Fresno: Licensed Teacher
"Nick at Night"
1998 Walker Texas Ranger
Detective Carlos Sandoval
05/04/97 Walker, Texas Ranger
"Sons of Thunder"
Officer Carlos Sandoval
1995(?) Carmen Sandiego misc voices
11/15/96 Fall Into Darkness [tvmovie] Nico
01/07/96 Murder She Wrote
"Death Goes Double Platinum"
Luis DeCalde
01/03/96 Party of Five
"Unfair Advantage"
09/24/95 Married With Children
"A Shoe Room With A View"
1993-1995 seaQuest DSV
seasons One and Two
Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz
1993 Gunsmoke: The Long Ride [tvmovie] Colley Whitebird
1992(?) True Stories: The Helen Samuels Story "spray can wielding gangster"
1992 Flying Blind
"Crazy for You ... and You" (09/27/92)
1991/92 In The Heat Of The Night
"Unfinished Business"
Emelio Suarez
1991/92 But He Loves Me
[CBS Afterschool Special]
"mischivous high school student"
1990-1991 Knots Landing
"Side by Side" (11/29/90)
"Asked to Rise" (12/13/90)
"The Unknown" (01/03/91)
"An American Hero" (04/04/91)
"Play, Pause, Search" (05/16/91)
1986 Charley Hannah [tvmovie] "juvenielle street thug"
11-12/02 "Crazy Drunk"
[Buffalo Nights Theatre Company]
4/02 "J.B."
[Buffalo Nights Theatre Company]
Mr. Nickles
1995 "Sophistry"
[Buffalo Nights Theatre Company]
1992 & 93 "Hope On The Range"
[Buffalo Nights Theatre Company]
4/7/99 Howie Mandel Show promoting SOT
4/1/99 CBS This Morning promoting SOT

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